A directing member of The Actors Studio and a history in studio and independent productions, TODD MITCHELL FELDERSTEIN is a director, producer and writer in the scripted and nonfiction landscape on both the screen and on stage.
In 2018 Todd produced TZEVA ADOM which took honors at the Cannes Film Festival's Emerging Filmmaker Program along with honors at a dozen other global festivals. Concurrently his film RESERVATIONS received Official Selection nods in ten festivals taking honors in two.
He is the lead producer on THE SULLIVAN GIRL with Stan Davis (Abbott Elementary) and Steve Hofvendahl and the director/producer of the feature film SPEAK ENGLISH currently in pre-production with Stan Davis, Eva De Dominici and Sofia Vassilieva attached as cast. Todd is fortunate to have been the director of the first live stage production in Los Angeles with the production of SHE KILLS MONSTERS at the Warner Grand Theater for the Encore Theatre Group. In television, Todd served as a writer on the SPIDER-MAN animated series for Sony TV starring Neil Patrick Harris in the title role and co-wrote the episode The Sword of Shikata  which was voiced by Gina Gershon.

Days after the pandemic shuttered live venues across the United States, Todd founded Smartphone Theatre which in its first two years mounted over 50 original online plays, poetry readings and conversations to a global audience in the thousands. Casts include Oscar and Tony winners from Broadway to Hollywood such as: Oscar winner Alan Arkin, Oscar nominated director Mark Rydell, Tony winner Poetri, Robert Hays, Susan Sullivan, Mitch Ryan, David Selby, Stan Davis and dozens of others.
In nonfiction, Todd's work includes the international feature documentary MAGICS which won 5 "Best" awards in festivals across the country. In short-form, Todd has personally interviewed: Senator Brad Sherman, Tom Hayden, Barbra Streisand, Jerry Moss, Booker T., Ray Parker, Jr., Michael Thompson, John JR Robinson, Bobby Watson and an assortment of legendary musical artists.
First a mentor then as executive director, Todd shared many years of his professional creative life with teens in under-served communities initiating and implementing a variety of media-arts programs through the nonprofit, The Story Project. Founded by Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley, co-chairs of RKO Pictures, Todd expanded the charity nationally serving students in California, Texas, New York and Maryland. He has since served on boards and committees with similar focus and remains an avid proponent on the power of storytelling through the arts.

Todd is honored to be one of twelve American filmmakers chosen to participate in the 2007 filmmaking TALA masterclass founded by the Los Angeles Jewish Federation. Todd is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, a former amateur triathlete and nidan in the martial art, Aikido. A professional photographer for over 25 years, he has a large body of work in portrait, commercial and lifestyle and remains honored to share and learn as an instructor at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.
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